The Myth of Fixed Knowing

  The egoic mind wants to possess the future. The soul wants to possess the Now (because the soul knows the Now is real and the future is not). There is no knowing that is fixed. Because of where we live, the… Read More

In The Name Of Love

Last Friday, June 22nd, I saw U2 in Boston. A bucket list item for sure but I wasn’t prepared for what Bono was throwing down. Or was I? As I am sure everyone knows, Bono is an activist, a humanitarian of exquisite… Read More

The Invitation of St. Brigid

It didn’t immediately dawn on me: the irony of having to cancel a St. Brigid Ceremony because I was sick. But who else could hold space for me, as I had planned to do for my friends, but the Celtic Goddess of… Read More

Grounding: A reliable deciding factor in your reality

  These are exciting times. Turbulent, chaotic, surprising and, yes, even joyful. The overall effect of living through the multi-layered experience of the Earth walk can leave one feeling unsettled and even a bit anxious. But if you choose to be awake… Read More

The Nature of Violence

This is Mount Blanca. Mount Blanca is located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, rising 14,317 feet into the high altitude of that region. It is one of the four sacred mountains to the Dinetah, or Navajo Indian Tribe. The other… Read More

Registration Now Open!

I am so honored and happy to be teaching The Shaman’s Toolbox at Old Orchard/Saco Adult and Community Education in the Fall! Classes start September 12th, are scheduled from 6-8 PM and run for 6 weeks, ending on October 18th. If you… Read More


I was so determined to be productive. Determined to straddle myself atop of the work, to ride her bareback and send portentous messages of warning to anyone who got in the way. I wanted to dive in, to suffocate myself with this… Read More

My True Affections

“Oh I have made myself a tribe out of my true affections, and my tribe is scattered! How shall the heart be reconciled to its feast of losses?’                            … Read More

When A Client No-Shows

I write poetry. IN PURSUIT OF TUTUS UNFRUMPLED (a poem for WW)   Having abandoned the drink, she glides like a water fowl flying close to the glassy brim of sea- Close but not quite ready to dive, Not ready to puncture… Read More