The Nature of Violence

This is Mount Blanca. Mount Blanca is located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, rising 14,317 feet into the high altitude of that region. It is one of the four sacred mountains to the Dinetah, or Navajo Indian Tribe. The other… Read More

Registration Now Open!

I am so honored and happy to be teaching The Shaman’s Toolbox at Old Orchard/Saco Adult and Community Education in the Fall! Classes start September 12th, are scheduled from 6-8 PM and run for 6 weeks, ending on October 18th. If you… Read More


I was so determined to be productive. Determined to straddle myself atop of the work, to ride her bareback and send portentous messages of warning to anyone who got in the way. I wanted to dive in, to suffocate myself with this… Read More

My True Affections

“Oh I have made myself a tribe out of my true affections, and my tribe is scattered! How shall the heart be reconciled to its feast of losses?’                            … Read More

When A Client No-Shows

I write poetry. IN PURSUIT OF TUTUS UNFRUMPLED (a poem for WW)   Having abandoned the drink, she glides like a water fowl flying close to the glassy brim of sea- Close but not quite ready to dive, Not ready to puncture… Read More

All Is Temporary

What lasts, if anything?


You are a genius. Wake up to your inheritance as a human

FREE LUNCH IS FOR REAL but how can we learn to really take care of each other?

Yesterday, I left my house in a fit of fussiness because the insulation project which we needed to have done in our bedroom was not exactly “finished” due to the estimated cost not covering the plastering, spackling, and cleaning up this type… Read More