When A Client No-Shows

I write poetry. IN PURSUIT OF TUTUS UNFRUMPLED (a poem for WW)   Having abandoned the drink, she glides like a water fowl flying close to the glassy brim of sea- Close but not quite ready to dive, Not ready to puncture the surface, Talons outstretched, unblinking eyes on a thing that moves below, beneath. …

All Is Temporary

What lasts, if anything?


You are a genius. Wake up to your inheritance as a human

FREE LUNCH IS FOR REAL but how can we learn to really take care of each other?

Yesterday, I left my house in a fit of fussiness because the insulation project which we needed to have done in our bedroom was not exactly “finished” due to the estimated cost not covering the plastering, spackling, and cleaning up this type of work entails. As I sat at my altar for my morning ritual, …