Writing Services

Private Tutoring for Writing Instruction: $45/hour (Face-to-Face or On-Line) Instruction in all areas of writing including but not limited to Capstone papers, scientific writing, and personal essay. Fluent in APA, AMA and MLA application of paper writing. Builds confidence in students of any age by employing the model of ‘teach it to me,’ thereby ensuring that they have full comprehension of the subject

College Prep “Starter Pack”: $150 (4-1 hour On-Line sessions) Worried about those first couple of months of college? Your college-bound high schooler should not have to backtrack to grammar 101 in order to stay afloat. This College Prep “Starter Pack” includes the very basics to help students become successful and confident in the skills they will need as freshmen. Instruction includes sentence and paragraph construction, comprehension, translating thoughts and ideas into concrete images and language, proper use of grammar, and overall academic coaching in terms of time management, stress reduction, and goals (*student will need gmail account prior to first session as we use google docs)

Second Pair of Eyes Editor: $35/hour. Line edits and grammar check for anything from that once-a-year newsletter to resume and cover letters to website copy.

Deluxe Editor: $50/hour. This service does what the Second Pair of Eyes Editor does then figures out ways your writing can be more descriptive, provocative, alluring, catchy, exciting, meaningful or innovative—whatever the occasion calls for. Written, creative expression does not come easily for everyone. Website copy is especially important to “get right” because it represents what you do and who you are in the world.

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