Mary Katherine Spain is a writer, reiki and shamanic practitioner, and tutor living in Portland, Maine. She opened her healing practice, River Run Reiki, in February of 2015 but after she received her MFA in Creative Writing in July of 2016, she was called to create a website and business which would feature her writing talent alongside of her healing services. You can read more about the new name, Clan of Origin, here.

Mary Katherine’s mission from the opening of River Run Reiki has not changed: To Inspire Intentional Living. Whether she is writing, teaching or doing energy work, her purpose is to Bring the Sacred Back to the Living Consciousness of the Planet and the People of the Planet. You can read more about that experience here

For inquires regarding her writing, teaching engagements, or healing and ceremony services, please email Mary Katherine at clanoforigin@gmail.com

For a list of Healing Services, click here

For a list of Writing Services, click here

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