Looking for New Business? Give It Away

As a business owner of Clan of Origin (formerly River Run Reiki), I know that advertising the services I offer is part of the territory. However, I loathe self-promotion. Or business promotion. Or whatever it is we want to call it without calling it what it is: Selling.

  Recent “promo” display for Longfellow Elementary School’s Growing Together Auction

But a friend recently encouraged me to view this process through a different lens by simply asking: Do you believe in the special gifts you have to share with the world? Yes, I said. Of course! Do you trust in those gifts’ value? Yes again I said. Then they are worth something, she said. And in this world, people pay for things they find valuable. 

I get it. I understand on the precarious mantle I hold “promotion” that it is necessary to somehow let the world know I have something OF VALUE that I’d like to ‘share’ with them and in exchange, I’ll take sixty bucks for the first hour. As a somewhat unconventional healing modality, shamanic healing and reiki therapy are not always “easy” sells. That is why I take every chance I get to GIVE SOME AWAY. 

I donate sessions to auctions of any 501 C3 that asks. I run promos monthly for specific groups of folks that might not always have “extra” to spend on an hour of juicy reiki and energy work–students, healthcare providers, other healing service providers, seniors, teachers. I used to give FREE sessions to birthday peeps! (Now I offer 1/2 priced sessions on your birthday). I am happy to trade my healing work for something I find value that you might have or give. (Still looking for my new guitar teacher who needs weekly reiki!)

In other words, I promote HEALING and INTENTIONAL LIVING through a vibrant mind/body/spirit connection. Sometimes there is an “exchange rate” in the form of a green and white piece of paper with a president’s face on it. Other times, there are more dynamic ways the energy flows…

If you are a business owner, and are trying to figure out new ways to bring in clients, consider giving your services away. If it is something you value, it will carry its own power in the world.




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