Heal Thyself



No one can do good if they don’t feel good. It is my belief that we heal ourselves. There are a variety of different systems for accessing the innate intelligence which our bodies hold. As we seek engagement with those modalities, we actively open to the opportunity to heal. A lost or distorted connection can be re-established and our mind-body-spirit can be revitalized.

I am fierce in acknowledging that I am not the Healer but rather the vehicle for healing to occur, the vessel in which energy may travel. Healing is simply a change. Like growth, changes may occur in us on the level of helping us evolve (conscious change) or devolve (unconscious change). As an energy worker who uses primarily Reiki and Shamanic Healing, I am only interested in conscious change.

Our bodies are dynamic machines. In order to live vibrantly and allow the body as well as the soul to heal itself, we must acknowledge that we are divine beings having a physical experience. The mind is a powerful enactor and is dutifully telling us whatever story we want to hear. The question is: Does the story we are telling ourselves support our conscious changes? What we feed, grows.

Mary Katherine is a certified Reiki Practitioner in Levels I and II and was attuned by Libby Barnett, Usui Reiki Master, in December of 2013. She has studied shamanism and shamanic healing with Dory Cote since 2006 and completed the 2-year Shamanic Initiations Program led by Dory and Barbara Bloecher, a shamanic teacher and practitioner in Kentucky. She has studied weather shamanism with Nan Moss and Black Moon Lilith astrology with Terry Morgan. Mary Katherine regularly co-leads a monthly circle, The Confluence, whose members are committed to a more harmonious spiritual correspondence with Mother Earth.   

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