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About The Logo:

The Snake ascending the Fountain Pen is a representation of the Masculine Divine and the Feminine Divine in their eternal dance as Twin Flames. As archetypes, the Masculine Divine (The Pen) and Feminine Divine (The Snake) have different but complimentary qualities and together form the very essential foundation for consciousness itself, creating what Anahata calls the “the Divine Balance.” You can read more about these energies which we all hold within our being here

Of course, this symbol of a snake twirled around a staff is a very old one and comes from the myth of Asclepius, the Greek God of healing and medicine, who was fathered by Apollo. Upon hearing that the unborn baby’s mother, Coronis, was to be married to a mere mortal, Apollo in a fit of jealousy, placed her upon a pyre. Before letting her completely burn up, however, he cut open her belly to save his child. Asclepius’ name means “to cut open” and was given to the centaur Chiron to raise. Chiron, in astrology, is known as the “Wounded Healer” and it is assumed that Asclepius learned the ways of healing from him (and Athena). You can read about Asclepius in more detail here

In ancient Greece, snakes were considered viable treatment for sickness as their venom was highly curative. Snakes also had long been associated with the Great Goddess, whose many qualities constitute those of healing, comfort, and nurturance, among other things.

He who holds the serpent holds the Goddess but it is only a wise man who can handle her medicine.

The Snake Goddess from Knossos (Crete) in Greece


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