Healing Services

Shamanic Reiki 90 min (includes 15 min grounding consult): $90 (Seniors, students and established clients $45). We begin this session with fifteen minutes of active listening and checking in followed by the full sixty minutes of Reiki. A short period of integration lasting about fifteen minutes is expected after the Reiki treatment.

Shamanic Reiki 30 min (includes 15 min grounding consult): $45 We begin this session exactly like the 60-minute Reiki treatment however less time is required for integration. Thirty-minute Reiki sessions are ideal for “tune-ups” and the occasional immune booster.

Soul Retrieval: $150 Soul retrieval is a sacred ceremony which requires one and half hours to two hours. Please contact me for more information regarding the details of this service.

Power Animal Retrieval: $75 In this session, I will recover your power animal for the highest healing good and protection for you. Power animals are our trusted allies, eager to connect with us in spirit. This session begins with fifteen to twenty minutes of consultation, then the power animal ceremony, followed by thirty minutes of Reiki. A discussion about ways to deepen your new relationship will end the session.


Ceremony and Ritual: $100-250, sliding scale, depending on preparation, details and/or materials for ceremony/ritual, travel cost and hiring of additional shamanic practitioners, if needed. Have you ever wanted to celebrate a triumph or milestone? Create sacred space for witnessing, loss or grief? Is there a gnawing uncertainity hovering around you as you try navigating the post-divorce life, empty-nest, or absence of your partner who has passed? Performing ceremony and ritual can be greatly beneficial to anyone who feels a need to kick-start their spirit into the change at hand or the celebration that needs soulful crafting.

Animal Reiki: (barter/trade only) Animals love Reiki, and are extremely receptive to it, mostly due to their absence of the egoic state of mind. Animals depend on instinct, and can easily pick up energy signals. Because most animals are bound to non-verbal modes of communication and cannot tell us the story of how or why they are hurting, I do not charge via monetary means for animal Reiki.

Distant Reiki: $60 (for first-time clients); $45 (for established clients) Distant Reiki can be as powerful as face-to-face. By following a protocol handed down by Reiki Master, Libby Barnett, distant Reiki only takes about twenty minutes. A phone conversation is required after the session, if the client is verbal.

Land Clearing & Revitalization: $100-250, sliding scale, depending on extent of erosion/pollution, travel cost and hiring of additional shamanic practitioners, if needed. Please contact me for more information regarding this service.

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